Chi-Chay Metal Products, Inc. CHI-CHAY METAL PRODUCTS, INC.

About Us

Chi-Chay Metal Products, formerly Chi-Chay Huat, was founded during the late 60s. With over five decades in the business, Chi-Chay Metal Products, Inc. has remained to be one of the renowned suppliers of steel products in the industry.



Prosperity Through Resiliency: Key for Sustainable Growth

Our utmost vision is to be able to fully equip our country with excellent quality products that can rise through adversities. With the vast innovation in construction, we aim to continuously provide housing opportunities for the Filipino people.

With over 45 years of existence, we want to further enhance this legacy while uplifting the lives of the Filipino people through the job opportunities that we offer.

Our goal is to become one of the country’s safest steel company.



- Provide a competitive price point without compromising quality
- Offer innovative steel products that will serve as an incremental tool towards a better and safer country
- Equip our customers with detailed product information through our employees and resident engineer
- Build camaraderie amongst our customers to build a long lasting relationship

Build endless possibilities.
Build a better future.